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Harlow is a town in the South East of England in the County of Essex.
The town is about 25 miles from the centre of London and 10 miles from Stansted airport.
Harlow is on the borders of the county of Essex and the county of Hertfordshire, so close that while standing in Harlow you can have a foot in both counties.
Harlow is twinned with two towns; Havířov(Czech Republic) Velizy-Villacoublay (France)

Harlow has all of the amenities you would expect of a modern town.
Sports are well catered for, a new athletics track ,plus a new wet and dry centre Leisure Zone replacing the existing swimming pool and sportcentre.
See over 100 Harlow Sporting Links

Industry is diverse, many firms taking advantage of the M11 and the nearby A10 linking Harlow with London, Cambridge, Stansted Airport and the M25.
Harlow now has two enterprise zones

Harlow was one of the first new towns constructed since the Second World War
In 2017 Harlow "new town" celebrated it's 70th birthday.

Harlow's current population is around 86,000 but the immediate local area population would be well over 100,000.

In the 1950's the majority of the new town settlers came from North London, around Tottenham, Edmonton and Walthamstow, consequently there are a lot of Tottenham Hotspurs fans within the town.
With so many Spurs fans in Harlow there is a Spurs shop in the Harvey Centre, Spurs Store location map.
When it comes to retail there are two main shopping areas, The High, (town centre) Map and Temple Fields Industrial Estate Map where the larger "out of town" warehouse type shops are.

Harlow Public transport links:
Harlow is served by two stations, Harlow Town and Harlow Mill linking to London and Cambridge, neither station is in the town centre.
In London the train terminates at Liverpool Street and Stratford Stations, the trains are operated by Abellio Greater Anglia
HarlowRide links to all the bus time tables and routes around Harlow.
Metro Cars   ABC Cars offer a licensed Private Hire mini cab service.
Harlow Black Taxis

Harlow is the main town in the area for the emergency services, the fire and rescue , police and the East of England Paramedic Service all use it for their main local base.
The Police have the Western divisional headquarters in Harlow, covering the areas of Epping, Brentwood, Ongar and as far South as Chigwell.
The Police station is closed of a night time, the best place to find a police officer is the A & E department at the hospital where it seems there is always one or two cars parked up.
The hospital, Princess Alexandra is the main accident and emergency hospital for the area.

As more and more hospitals and A & E services close in North East London and South East Hertfordshire the point will come when Princess Alexandra has no more room, the bed spaces will all be taken, patients might find they spend hours being shunted from one hospital to the next in search of a hospital that will take them.
Princess Alexandra has been forced to cope with more and more patients without significant investment from government.

Care Quality Commission report on Princess Alexandra Hospital

Essex County Council Elections

You might be wondering why they are important, what has it got to do with Harlow?
Most of the services provided in Essex are run from Colchester, with its political wing based in Chelmsford, both are many miles away.
Hertford, the county town of Hertfordshire is much closer to Harlow.

Essex County Council is responsible for; schools, care for the elderly and care for the young, public transport, libraries, infrastructure, roads, pavements,cycle tracks, plus "future improvements to roads"
They are also responsible for street lighting and potholes.
In 2016 Harlow had four councillors representing Harlow at Essex County Council, three Labour and one Conservative.

As Essex County Council is run by Conservatives, before the 2017 election I wondered what our Conservative councillor Edward C Johnson was responsible for and had a look on the E. C. C. website,
What a shock, he's Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, responsible for:
Street Lighting
Maintenance of highways, potholes
Road Safety

Traffic Regulations
Public rights of way (bridle ways, footpaths and byways)
Highways schemes (other than those within the infrastructure Portfolio)

Conservative Councillor Edward C Johnson must be proud of the little country roads that have been completely resurfaced in villages around Harlow, but he is supposed to represent potholed Harlow at Essex County Council
Potholes that are everywhere, even the pothole "repairs" have potholes in them.

Then there are the pedestrian junction crossing lamps, these have been removed, well, the tops have been cut off, leaving just the small keep left lights that always break down, or even worse they have been replaced by yellow "targets" that are supposed to reflect car lights, unfortunately they get dirty and fail to reflect anything, making them targets to be flattened.
Many of the removed lights are on crossing points and junctions where pedestrians have been killed or injured in the past.
Removing the central lights at pedestrian crossing points saves money but might create more work for the hard pressed emergency services ......that's OK it is on someone else’s budget.

Councillor Edward C Johnson was re-elected by the residents of New Hall, Church Langley, Potter Street and Harlow Common.

The election result  

The Conservatives won all four seats ousting all three Labour Councillors.
Harlow have voted for more of the same, decreasing services and school funding, more potholed roads, potholed pavements & potholed cycle tracks, things can only get worse.

* Harlow Conservative MP Robert Halfon Voted for cutting the main central government grant to local government for;
2015-16 at a level 25% lower than it was set for 2014-15.
2016-17 at a level 24.6% lower than it was set for 2015-16.
2017-18 at a level 44% lower than it was set for 2016-17.*
This is on top of previous cuts to funding
*Source https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24784/robert_halfon/harlow/

How does Harlow Conservative MP Robert Halfon's votes affect Harlow?

At a time when the elderly population is increasing, Conservative MP Robert Halfon's Conservatives voted to additionally cut the budget by 44%.
It is not "rocket science" what the outcome would be.
It means the hospital gets jammed up, not enough safe care provision for the elderly, either at home, or in homes for the elderly.
Stressed Social workers needed to implement care provision might be in decline, or off sick with stress, adding to the problem of finding safe care.
Care providers are having their budgets cut, those that remain care providers will struggle to provide adequate safe care for the money provided.
As the social workers are based so far away there is very little scrutiny of the companies employed by E.C.C. as I found when my relatives needed care.

Youth Workers, Essex County Council have stopped funding them to save money, they now have to rely on charity.
That's OK, nationally Conservatives are building new bigger prisons, rather than help solve youth problems before they escalate.

It looks as though the Conservative education aim is to create more factory / warehouse fodder, just look at the cuts that will hit Harlow Schools,
£200 to £400 per pupil will be cut.
Check it out http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk
Since the June 2017 election the Conservative government have increased funding but schools will still face cuts by 2020, that's only two years away, where will your child or grandchild be?
All Harlow secondary schools will take a massive cut.
Most schools are facing thousands of pounds of cuts, i.e. the loss of at least one or two teachers.
In most secondary schools the teacher losses are just under double figures.
This will mean bigger class sizes to cope with the cuts.
Children will have to walk a fine line, extroverted enough to be noticed but not excluded, or just be a tick on the register.
With the cuts schools are dropping some subjects, this is already happening.
Art, music and media are already being dropped from secondary schools.
Art, music and media is an indu
stry that Britain excelled at in the past, it is an industry generating billions for the country.

The Conservative government seem to be wasting taxpayers money, or having a confused education policy, reducing school funding in real terms, forcing schools to make teachers redundant but running a national TV advertising campaign to recruit new teachers.
Could it be that Conservative politicians were useless at maths at school when it comes to equations?
This is a easy year 6 question: x = 3y − z, what is the value of x when y = 4 and z = 1.
I wonder how many seconds or minutes it would take a politician to work out?

Harlow Road

Harlow voted for more roads like this Harlow road shown above.
Conservative run Essex County Council are very happy to oblige, they are working tirelessly towards this aim!

The past, why it affects today

Harlow New Town was planned from scratch back in the 1940's by a Labour government with the promise of a major road to the West and North of Harlow this is why all the major industrial estates are located near the proposed road.
Unfortunately the Conservative government in the 60's decided to put the M11 to the East of Harlow and junction 7 to the South.

After planning and living in Harlow for decades, master planner Sir Frederick Gibberd upon hearing where the M11 would go is quoted as saying, "It's like planning a sea side town, then someone moved the sea!"
There was an article by Motorway archive that tells the story of the M11 passing through the Lea Valley which would have put the M11 where it was planned in relation to Harlow, but the Conservative government at the time (1960's) chose to save £10 million pounds and put the M11 in the Roding Valley, on the opposite side to Harlow.
This is why all of today's money is being spent on infrastructure clearing up a mess by someone in a Conservative government decades ago to save money. 

In 2010 Conservative MP Robert Halfon was elected with his local Harlow plan / mandate to reduce congestion with a bypass.
He gave the promise to build a bypass in a TV interview siting next to a traffic jam by the M11 roundabout before he was elected in 2010.

In 2016 it was announced by Essex County Council that Harlow was to get a new junction on the M11, junction 7a.

This junction would increase traffic on First Avenue, articulated HGV lorries will thunder past Old Harlow, past housing estates, past The Stow, onwards towards Harlow Town Centre, on route to the Pinnacles Industrial Estate.
To achieve this they will have to negotiate the main North - South roundabout on Howard Way, which is already jammed at rush hours causing long queues on First Avenue, then onto the roundabout at the town centre, the junction of First Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Forth Avenue and Velizy Avenue.
This is where most of Harlow traffic meets causing traffic jams on all roads leading to it.
I just hope Essex County Council has money put aside for sound barriers along First Avenue because there is a lot of housing very close to the road.
On the plus side, the traffic flow on Second Avenue, one of the existing routes from junction 7 to the Pinnacles, might decrease but I wouldn't hold my breath.

"The School run" might have an added impact on traffic levels for any additional traffic generated by junction 7a.
To reach the town centre or The Pinnacles Industrial estate, or possibly Harlow Town station, along the route to and from junction 7a, traffic will have to pass 8 Primary schools and two Secondary schools.
In today's world parents have a choice where to send their children, they might choose a school many miles away.
Often grandparents are left to deliver and pick up the children from school while parents go out to work, they may not live near the school, adding to the traffic.

When a spokesperson for Essex County Council was asked if there was any money for improvements to any of the junctions to cope with the extra traffic on First Avenue the answer was ...no, just junction 7a.
No additional roundabouts on First Avenue from the housing estates will probably mean an increase in accidents as residents struggle to get in and out, this might keep the emergency services busy.
So it appears Essex County Council is only interested in junction 7a not the impact it will have on Harlow's roads.

This could be the same team of road traffic designers who constructed the roundabout from the Water Gardens shopping centre to Second Avenue, thought about it a bit, then stuck in two sets of traffic lights, one for the bus lane and one for the pedestrian crossing just after the roundabout, making sure that nothing moves, to make it even more interesting all the emergency services use this roundabout, what a brilliant design.
They have relented a bit, removed the bus lane traffic lights but didn't build a bridge for the pedestrians accessing the Leisure Zone, so it still remains a mess causing long traffic queues.

I must ask the question why do we need 7a?
We have had major distribution warehouses and factories before and the roads coped.
Essex County Council had no objections to a giant Tesco distribution warehouse (now Brakes Bros food wholesalers) or an even bigger Pound Land distribution warehouse, both in the Pinnacles Industrial Estate, so why now?
Why not build the bypass that MP Robert Halfon promised in 2010? What did happen about it in the past EIGHT years?
What has he done about it in 8 years?

8,600 new homes were given planning permission in the spring of 2017 by East Herts Council on land to the North East of Harlow, many more homes to follow.
To enable the new homes in East Hertfordshire to reach the M11 and Harlow, a new bridge crossing over the river Stort and railway is to be built, entering Harlow at the Riverway road in the Templefields industrial estate, on Harlow Town Park land.
Traffic from the new crossing will have to filter on to one of the busiest roads in Harlow, Edinburgh Way, the Harlow internal A414.
One would assume that the new bridge crossing would be built before the houses but then Harlow is dealing with Essex and East Herts County Councils......anyone taking bets?

So it does not look as though Harlow will ever get a bypass, as Essex County Council has gone for the cheaper option.
Run all the traffic through Harlow not around it.

It's quite a bizarre interpretation of a bypass but what of Conservative MP Robert Halfon is he in favour of the plan is this his idea of a cheaper bypass?
Is this plan storing up problems for the future ?
In years to come will there be yet another mess to clear up without a bypass, will MP Robert Halfon still be hard at work on a bypass?

Harlow Shopping 

Bensons for Beds 

Unit 3c
Queensgate Centre,
Templefields Ind Est,
Edinburgh Way
CM20 2DH
Tel:01279 432259



6 The Oaks Retail Park,
Templefields Ind Est,
Howard Way,
Harlow, Essex
CM20 2AB
Tel: 01279 626634
Click & Collect


37 Broad Walk,
The High (Town centre )
Harlow, Essex.
CM20 1JA
Tel:01279 425771


16 The Stow,
Harlow, Essex
CM20 3AH
Tel:01279 424049


9 North House,
Bush Fair,
Harlow, Essex.
CM18 6PA
Tel: 01279426086


Bush Fair House,
Bush Fair,
Harlow, Essex.
CM18 6NS
Tel: 01279641155 

Units 10-11
Queensgate Centre,
Templefields Ind Est,
Edinburgh Way,
CM20 2DA  


F.Hinds Jewellers

Harvey Centre
The High, (town centre) Harlow,Essex.
CM20 1XP
Tel:01279 798744 


Go Outdoors 

Princes Gate Retail Park,
Templefields Ind Est,
Howard Way,
Harlow, Essex
CM20 2SU
Tel:0844 3876815



Unit 3c
Queensgate Centre,
Templefields Ind Est,
Edinburgh Way
CM20 2DH
Tel:01279 432259




Unit 27-28, Harvey Centre
The High (Town Centre)
Harlow Essex
CM20 1XS
Tel:0843 221 0215 


The Oaks Retail Park,
Templefields Ind Est,
Howard Way,
CM20 2AB
Tel:01279 417290


Unit 6A Queensgate Retail Park,
Templefields Ind Est,
Edinburgh Way,
Harlow, Essex
CM20 2DA Tel:0871 2231378 


New Look

39 Broad Walk,
The High, (Town Centre)
Harlow, Essex
CM20 1JF
Tel: 01279 437354



19 Harvey Centre,
The High, (town centre)
Harlow, Essex
CM20 1XW
Tel:01279 436084 


Harvey Centre,
The High, (town centre)
Harlow, Essex CM20 1XR 01279 417929 


Princes Gate Retail Park , Templefields Ind Est,
Howard Way,
Harlow, Essex.
CM20 2DH
Tel: 01279 422322
Fax: 01279 425157



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